Connectivity is by far the most important thing to have now-a-days. whether your are at a business or at home, being able to connect to the internet, computers, workstations or servers, or other devices reliability is truly the highest priority anyone has.

Here at Innovate Custom, reliability is exactly what we provide our customers. Our experienced technicians use nothing but the highest quality equipment and materials to insure that you have limited to no downtime at all. If you prefer to use wireless, we got you covered too. Our technicians will make sure you get the highest reliable signal and bandwidth while make sure you have no dead zones. Call us to experience the innovate custom quality.


Sometimes it can be. The router thats given to you from your ISP is designed to be deployed to the masses. Your house, and family might have specific requirements that don’t fall into that category. Depending on the size, and construction of your home, Depending on your security requirements, and depending on how many people and devices you have on your network. You might need different equipment to fulfill these needs.

Top 3 Reasons

why people upgrade their home Network

Bandwidth prioritization

If you have multiple people fighting for the same internet at the same time. Have you ever had to wait for your streaming movie to buffer or load, simply because somebody els in the house is playing a video game or watching a different movie, or if you have ever had a conference call drop to very poor quality because somebody is streaming music. Having a Professionally installed network word be able to remove bottlenecks and allow for a better networking experience in your home.

Enhanced security

These days cyber security is more and more important. Although the Free router from your ISP does include some kind of basic network security, now days that might not be enough. By upgrading your router you can take advantage of enhanced network security features, as. Well as the peace of mind that a network professional can help set it up, and work with you to ensure you are getting every crucial update and vulnerability patch

Complete control over your own network

When having the ability to control your own network, you can accomplish anything from having a simple Guest network, or creating network “rules” such as no video games after a certain time. In the case of an outage your router can even use your cell phones hotspot to provide internet to key devices