We all remember what it was like growing up huddling in the family room fighting for the remote to decide what movie or show the family is going to watch after dinner, fast forward to today everybody can watch their own show in their own space.

Now adays with so many options of hidden TVs, Picture TVs, Projectors, and video walls etc, putting the right display in the right space could help bring everybody together for family movie night, even turn an intimate sitting room into a hidden private cinema.

My TV still works do I need to upgrade it?

No you don’t , just like the cell phones, even though it may be a few generations old It still works. However If you want to redo the look and feel of the room, or take advantage of new features and modern trends then absolutely. Just like every other piece of furniture changing the tv can make a big difference to how you use and live in a space.

Hidden TVs

From under a bed, or inside a hidden cabinet, you would be surprised how many ways and places we can hide a TV. Sometimes Having a TV in a room can take away from the aesthetic or design, by using motorized brackets, and custom designs you will never have to see the tv when your not watching it.

Picture Frame TVs

Above a fire place or in a kitchen, Having digital art is a great way to accent a room especially when you can also use it as the TV. Just because your TV is off doesn’t mean it can’t add to the look and feel of your space.


Whether your doing a personal cinema or simply trying to create a multi use space with hidden entertainment, a Projector is still the best option if you want to go big

Distributed Video

No matter what you're watching, or where you're watching it we move around so much nowadays have a video distribution system will allow you to pause a show in the family room and continue watching it in the kitchen, or the bedroom. Distributed video allows a video source to be shared between any TV in any room. Providing you with the amazing advantage to never miss another game or show.