Pool & Spa

Schedule and manage main pool and spa functions including water temperature & cleaning times from your smart home controls and mobile devices. Heading home unexpectedly?

Tell your smart home your on the way and the system will prepare your home and pool for your arrival.

Lights & Water features

Pool Lights, and water features are just as much apart of your backyard space, as your landscape lights and fire pit. Having the ability to add them to your backyard lighting scenes, or controlling them from a light switch inside the house.

A Controlled pool is a happy pool

Having an automated pool is not only the first step to protecting your pool equipment but also keeping your pool clean and lasting longer. A pool controller can protect your equipment from over use and misuse, by having the correct timers, schedules, and functions all automated. Having 2 way feedback right to your tablet or smart phone gives you the ability to monitor and be aware of any potential problems.