Lighting Control

With no effort, we can program your home to know when you’re leaving or arriving and create a system for it to light the way.

No matter what room you’re in, it is under your control. From motion sensors, voice control, or touchless programming we can help you illuminate your world the smart way.


The days of just turning on and off a room are long gone. Not only can we replicate outdoor lighting from the blue glow of dawn to the golden intensity of dusk, we put you in control of it. Not matter your mood or activity, your lighting can be personalized to the needs of any space in your home. Looking for a space to increase workflow, surrounded by energizing light? Or maybe just the warm glow of a fire place to relax and a read book, with human-centric lighting it can adapt any environment to any mood.


Never come home to a dark house again, turn light on as it get darker out no matter what time of year it is. When your house is set for “vacation mode” all the lights in your home will react as if you were still home using them, creating an illusions that there is always somebody home. In any emergency situation, from a slip and fall accident to a potential intruder , having the ability to turn on every light from a push of a button could be a valuable tool.


Lighting controls can help save energy by automatically turning off they are not needed, or by reducing light levels when full brightness isn’t necessary.