Every room and any room will be brightened by the sound of whatever your playlist is. Using our smart home magic, you are in complete control of which rooms you’d like to hear your soundtrack.

With invisible speakers built into your home, you can reap the benefits without the eyesore. Indoor, outdoor, wherever, the highest quality of sound will surround you and your guests.

Nowadays audio is so accessible with so many options it makes Choosing a Home audio system very overwhelming

In-Ceiling/In-wall speakers

Painted to match the wall/ceiling Great option with great sound very minimal damage for install however it would require some wiring

Invisible Speakers

Many the look or appearance of technology can take a way from a room, in this case They make Virtually invisible speakers, designed to be heard not seen

Box Speakers

Whether your trying to fill a space or your after Hi-Fi sound this are the best options for sound quality, and performance.


In out door spaces there a just as many options with the balance of sound and atmosphere, from outdoor rock concert and movie theater, stop simple background music to entertain your whole event.

Rock Speakers

Landscape speakers

Planter Speakers

Box Speakers