About Us

Our Philosophy

Technology is now a part of our everyday lives, with promises of making our lives easier. Now our lives are more complicated then ever. Here at Innovate Custom Audio, our goal is to simply your life, by finally making all the technology in the house work for you and around you and your families busy lives.

Our Process

Discovery Process

Your project beings with a one-on-one conversation where we learn everything about your needs and preferences so we can design a system just for you and your family. Well take the time to learn about your lifestyle, interests and budget. The more we learn the better we can tailor the the system for you.

System Design

Now that we have gathered all the information our system design team can get to work. Going room by room creating a plan and understanding the costs and what its going to take to get it done. We meet with the client to deliver this information for review, feedback, and approval


After the client has approved the system design and estimated cost, our engineering team will produce the necessary documents, drawings, and gather any details for the finished product.


Now the project begins. We start by running any and all necessary cabling and low voltage wiring. Once all the messy work is done, all the equipment can get delivered and installed.

After all the equipment is in place we can start programming your smart home.

Service & Support

Let us create a service plan that works for you, with 24/7 remote monitoring, periodic network performance tests, and priority response times.

Our Promise to you-