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High-End Service Offerings

With no effort, we can program your home to know when you’re leaving or arriving and create a system for it to light the way. No matter what room you’re in, it is under your control. From motion sensors, voice control, or touchless programming we can help you illuminate your world the smart way.

Every room and any room will be brightened by the sound of whatever your playlist is. Using our smart home magic, you are in complete control of which rooms you’d like to hear your soundtrack. With invisible speakers built into your home, you can reap the benefits without the eyesore. Indoor, outdoor, wherever, the highest quality of sound will surround you and your guests.

No matter what systems you have in place already, we can create one remote that does it all. A flawless handheld device that is fully customizable will make any room you’re in under your control. We can easily pair your device with anything you could imagine to make your life easier.

No matter what systems you have in place already, we can create one remote that does it all. A flawless handheld device that is fully customizable will make any room you’re in under your control. We can easily pair your device with anything you could imagine to make your life easier.

A beautiful and entertaining theater from the comfort of your own home will bring the whole family together. With custom surround sound, theater-grade speakers for any budget, and of course a crystal clear image, your theater will be the main attraction. With our background in design and technology, we can build something practical and flawless.

Automated shades are perfect for hard-to-reach windows, child and pet safety, or simply. To just make your life that much easier. With our specialized programming we can raise, close or even tilt your blinds and shades with a touch of a button.

The morning sun keeping you awake? Glare on your screens while trying to enjoy a movie? We can easily program your shades to rise and fall with the sun, and set the mood for any occasion. 

Distributed video allows a single video source to be shared between any TV in any room. Providing you with the amazing advantage to never miss another game or show. 
With only one source, you save space, time, and money.

Connectivity is by far the most important thing to have now-a-days. Whether your are at a business or at home, being able to connect to the internet, computers, workstations or servers, or other devices reliability is truly the highest priority anyone has.

Here at Innovate Custom, reliability is exactly what we provide our customers. Our experienced technicians use nothing but the highest quality equipment and materials to insure that you have limited to no downtime at all. If you prefer to use wireless, we got you covered too. Our technicians will make sure you get the highest reliable signal and bandwidth while make sure you have no dead zones. Call us to experience the Innovate Custom quality.

Protect what matters most and give yourself a peace of mind while being the safest, and smartest home in your area. Whether you forgot to lock the door, or want a notification when visitors are nearby, Innovate Custom can help you. Intelligent security will be the solution you need, with one tap or one voice command you have the power to engage your locks, turn on your lights, and arm your security systems. 

We all like to keep an eye on our home or business whether we are there or not. Surveillance cameras provide you an added layer of safety and security. Being able to keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere in the world by using any browser or smart device provides you piece of mind. If something does happen you the ability to go back and look at what has happened and resolve the issue. Surveillance cameras a must for everyone. Innovate Custom can help you install the best surveillance system to assure you get the highest quality picture, have no blind spots, and to have the ability to record for long periods of time. Call us today!

Enjoy a comfortable and inviting space that will ensure energy efficient climate control. Never have to touch your thermostat again no matter what area you’re in, let us do the programming so you can do the relaxing. We can create a system that adjusts with the outside and inside climate regardless of your budget, or current HVAC system.

For years, people wanted to control their entire home with the push of a button. Technology has finally caught up with our dreams, it is now possible to control the entire home. With our help, you can now control your TV, stereo, thermostat, lights, security cameras and much more all from one device, never having to leave your seat. Call us today and see what we can do for you.

Whether you love the outdoors or enjoy entertaining on those amazing summer nights Innovate Custom can create a spectacular outdoor entertainment center. Outdoor Televisions, Speakers, Theatres, if you can think of it, we can make it. Easy enough for anyone in the family to use , create memories that will last forever. 

Innovate Custom specializes in home audio as well, we can easily set up a beautiful indoor and outdoor speaker system that you can control with just the touch of a button. Our process starts with a walk through of the area to see where the sound bounces as well as to get a visual to make your sound system not only sound great but look great as well. Our design team is not only tech savvy, but they are genuinely artists. After we  do a walk through , our team members will discuss a plethora of options that cater to your price range.

The only control system with a voice assistant purposebuilt for home control. There’s no need to memorize commands with our new devices. Instead, devices have capabilities and locations, enabling natural commands such as “bring up the shades,” “cut the lights,” “dim the lights in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom,” or even compound commands like “bring up the shades, drop the music, set the lights to 20%, and watch Stranger Things.” Further, the products we use are room aware, so saying “lights on” or “watch skiing videos” will only happen locally, reducing the need to memorize room and device names.

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